Current Event - September - Workshops and Vendors

2017.9.15 - 2017.9.17

How to participate…Opening Circle

As always we are going to be building an altar as a place with which to focus the energy of the evening. We encourage everyone to bring something to place on the altar - crystals, flowers, pictures; anything that has positive energy in it. Whether it's from the earth or from you doesn't matter. What matters is the intent.

Also take some time to develop an intention for the experience. Set your sights on what you would like to take away from it, and how that would make you feel. If you can put yourself in that feeling, then you are doing wonders for setting yourself up to be successful is seeing your intention through. We have been building positive energy into this weekend long experience for a long while. Please take the time to make the most of it.

Please join is opening circle for the evening at 8:30pm after Dancing Freedom.

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